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Count on an additional financial aid of R6,000 per year

Grant-in-aid, increase your pension amount by R500 per month and ensure all your needs are met


Beneficiaries who receive a disability grant, war veteran’s grant, or grant for older persons may need extra financial assistance to fund special care. Often, the pension amount they receive is not needed to cover these costs. In these cases, it is possible to rely on Grant-in-aid. This federal project offers an additional monthly income of R500 for an indefinite period so that there is no significant impact on the income of these beneficiaries while there is a need for full follow-up.


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In four points, understand why the Grant-in-aid is one of the most important federal pensions!

Count on an additional help of R500 indefinitely when you need someone to look after you around the clock;
If you are unable to apply or receive the money in person, you can select a friend or family member to do it for you;
The amount of aid may be revised and increased each year;
Physically or mentally handicapped can request this help.

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After completing the application form, the information will be sent to the general coordination of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Your documents and information will then be reviewed and you will receive a written response to your application. The maximum period for issuing a response is, on average, 30 days. If help is denied, you will also receive a written justification.

Indeed, there are some situations that can lead to the cancellation of your subsidy. Meet them below: if you no longer need the comprehensive care of another person, if you die, if you are admitted to a state institution, or if your income or assets improve so much that you are no longer eligible for this financial assistance.

Due to some bureaucratic processes and SASSA demands, payments related to the Grant-in-aid do not begin to be made immediately after the confirmation of the aid. However, you will start receiving the additional R500 from your pension within 3 months of accepting your application. When payments finally start coming in, you’ll receive the money retroactively based on the date you applied for assistance.


Apply for the Grant-in-aid

Apply to Grant-in-aid to receive an additional federal pension of up to R6,000 a year. Learn how you can request this free help!

If you are going through a time of crisis and financial difficulty, count on financial help.

Through Social Relief of Distress, you can count on financial relief to go through difficult times with greater peace of mind. Find out how you can count on this help!

Social Relief of Distress

Apply for the Social Relief of Distress: find out how

Apply to Social Relief of Distress and receive cash or food aid in time of need. Find out how to use this program here!

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