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All the benefits of a prepaid card without the endless list of fees charged by traditional banks!

MG Prepaid Card, the card that approves 100% of its candidates and does not charge any bank maintenance fees


Free yourself forever from the high fees charged by traditional banks and see how simple and inexpensive it can be to manage your money securely. Request your MG Prepaid Card today, the card that accepts 100% of applications (without checking your credit score) and has a trusted card accepted in all stores in the country.

Four advantages of having the MG Prepaid Card if you are a tourist, emigrant or South African citizen!

Free yourself from banks: you don't need to open a bank account to obtain this card;
A card made for everyone: 100% of those who applied for this card were approved;
Don't worry about high fees charged by banks or card issuers;
Accepted in any physical or virtual store that accepts Mastercard cards.

The MG Prepaid Card is available at most partner stores of the issuing group of this card. In addition, this card is also available for purchase online, without leaving your home, at any time. Check below the complete and updated list of partner stores where you can buy and activate your card: Mr Price, Shoprite, Builders, Gautrain, PEP and Spar. As you can see, they are stores in different segments. Most likely there is one near you.

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MG Prepaid Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to MG Prepaid Card, the card that accepts 100% of its applicants and has become the safest and cheapest way to save money on cards!

In the 21st century, you can no longer allow your company to manage expenses and use resources as if we were in the last century. After all, this can make the business disappear in a few years.

Modernize, evolve, and ensure competitiveness with the Bidvest Bank Debit Card. Understand how this card can greatly reduce your company’s costs and still offer income greater than savings!

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Bidvest Bank Debit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Bidvest Bank Debit Card and improve your employees' expense management while your money goes beyond savings! Pay no interest!

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