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The prepaid card that can do the work of a team and greatly modernize your company's resource management!

Standard Bank PayCard, modernize and guarantee more security in the payment of your employees


Does your company still pay its employees like it did in the last century? If so, you need to know this card. Standard Bank PayCard can do the work of a team alone, issuing payments to all your employees with just a few clicks. It is a business prepaid card, with no monthly fee and accepted in all stores in the country. Standard Bank PayCard is an excellent opportunity to modernize and streamline your business.

Four reasons for you to have PayCard Standard Bank in your company!

Extremely secure prepaid card;
Accepted nationwide for purchases in physical or digital stores;
It does not charge monthly service maintenance fees;
Managers and employees can manage or consult payments virtually, from anywhere and at any time.

Since it entered the market, Standard Bank PayCard has proven its versatility, being used by companies in the most varied sectors, from products to services. Today it is very commonly used by construction companies, schools, aviation companies, NGOs, farms, furniture factories and many other types of companies. So, we can say that any company can benefit from this service.

Standard Bank logo

Standard Bank PayCard: check out how to apply!

Apply to Standard Bank PayCard and see how you can make all your employee payments with just a few clicks. No hidden fees! Read on!

In fact, Standard Bank PayCard is an amazing business solution. However, we recommend the MG Prepaid Card if you need a prepaid card for personal use. Literally, anyone can have this card.

In addition, it is accepted in purchases at all stores in the country and abroad. To find out how to apply, see the review below!

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MG Prepaid Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to MG Prepaid Card, the card that accepts 100% of its applicants and has become the safest and cheapest way to save money on cards!

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