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Over 200 countries and 1,000 destinations to travel for free just by accumulating miles!

United℠ Explorer Credit Card, travel the world for free and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits


The United℠ Explorer credit card is your easy access to one of the biggest and best frequent flyer programs in the United States and, why not say, the world! After all, there are more than 25 partner airlines where you can use your miles. In addition, you are entitled to free checked baggage, priority access, lounge access (Club United), exclusive benefits at luxury hotels, coverage in case of damage to rental cars and much more.

Understand why the United℠ Explorer Credit Card should be your next card:

Rewards programs that allow free travel to over 1,000 destinations;
0% foreign transfer fee;
Exclusive benefits (priority boarding, purchase protection, free checked baggage and more);
Free food deliveries (DoorDash) and free perks at luxury hotels and resorts.

Yes, all miles earned through the MileagePlus program can be used to finance airline tickets on participating Star Alliance airlines. Currently, this group has more than 25 companies. Among them, we mention: Air Canada, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, Air New Zeland, Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, South African Airways, Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines and others.

Indeed, this airline’s website does not define maximum limits for the credit limit of this card. However, we know that data such as income, score and credit history are taken into account to define the total credit limit that you will have access to. However, there is a minimum credit limit amount that all customers of that card can count on from the moment they are approved for that card. This minimum credit limit is $5,000.

Not. Indeed, whoever has this card can enjoy advantages even without being exactly a “compulsive traveler”. For example, you can count on accident exemption when driving a rented car, purchase protection of up to 120 days in case of theft or damage, and extended warranty period for a purchase of up to three years. Plus, you can use your miles to pay restaurant bills, hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise, and even eGift cards.

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How to apply for the United℠ Explorer Card

More than 1,000 destinations to travel for free and enjoy the best vacations of your life. Learn how to apply for your United℠ Explorer Card now!

In fact, the “battle” of the frequent flyer cards of the major airlines only intensifies each year.

Now that you’re familiar with the United℠ Explorer credit card check out the Allegiant World Mastercard®. This is a card with one of the biggest welcome bonuses in the industry, a low annual fee, and much more.

Read our post below to learn how to apply!

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Allegiant World Mastercard®: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for a credit card that can be a turning point in your life: free national and international air travel without any extra effort! Know how to enjoy here:

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