uBank Personal Loan review: up to R180,000

Learn uBank Personal Loan services! Choose affordable repayment plans and enjoy a simple process! Keep reading and find out how!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 04/17/2023

uBank Personal Loan: receive the money you need immediately after approval!

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uBank Personal Loan review. Source: Foster the Money

In this article, we bring a comprehensive review of uBank Personal Loan! Indeed, it has characteristics that distinguish this lender from others.

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uBank Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply to uBank Personal Loan, the loan service that delivers the money you requested immediately after the loan approval! Up to R180,000!

Thus, it manages to borrow large sums of money and deposit them in your account at ultra-fast terms. Further, learn more about this excellent lender option!

Interest Rate Variable interest rate indexed to the prime rate (undefined);
Loan PurposeRenovate your home, finance your studies, money for family emergencies and debt consolidation;
Loan AmountsUp to R180,000;
Repayment TermUp to 72 months;
Initiation FeeIncluded (undefined);

Is uBank Personal Loan a good option?

Indeed, the uBank Personal Loan is a great opportunity for those looking for large-volume companies.

In addition to offering high-value loans, uBank managed to reduce the bureaucracy of depositing money as much as possible.

Thus, uBank customers can receive their money immediately after accepting their card. However, having a bank account to get a loan is not mandatory.

Indeed, this is an excellent opportunity for those who need money urgently. In addition to personal loan services, this bank offers the option of debt consolidation.

In this modality, it is possible to count on up to R180,000 that can be paid in up to 72 months. You can still opt for loan options with variable or fixed interest rates.

The pros and cons of the uBank Personal Loan

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The pros and cons of the uBank Personal Loan. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, Ubank offers a loan service with unique features in the country.

However, like all credit cards, this one also has “weak points.” To know them, see the following post!


  • Ensure a high amount for various needs and purposes;
  • In addition to personal loans, this bank offers business credit and debt consolidation;
  • Agility: you can receive your money immediately after having your loan application accepted;
  • Responsible loan: before offering the money, this lender studies to assess the risk a loan can cause your financial life. In case of high risk, the loan is denied.


  • Only people with a good credit score and history may be able to get loans from this lender;
  • There is little information on the official website of this company about personal loans and the amount of fees charged for this type of loan;
  • This lender charges initiation fee, monthly service fee, credit life assurance premium;
  • Mandatorily, you must earn a salary to apply for a loan from this lender.

What are the requirements?

In fact, you need to meet certain criteria to apply for a loan from this lender. Below, find out about the main ones:

  • You need to earn a salary;
  • Have a bank account (not necessarily a Ubank account);
  • Be between 18 and 65 years old;
  • Possess a good credit history and score.

uBank Personal Loan application process

Indeed, this bank is extremely suitable for those who urgently need large volumes of money. Below, find out how to apply for a loan online from this lender!

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uBank Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply to uBank Personal Loan, the loan service that delivers the money you requested immediately after the loan approval! Up to R180,000!

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