Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF): relief for workers

You can count on federal financial assistance while looking for a new job. Earn up to R17,712 per month! Keep reading and learn more!


Count on federal financial relief for situations where you are unemployed or unable to work

Unemployment Insurance Fund
Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF): relief for workers. Source: Foster the Money

In effect, the Unemployment Insurance Fund exists to assist unemployed workers financially.

Unemployment Insurance Fund

Apply for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

Apply to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and get federal financial help until you can find a new job or qualify for a better job!

With this federal aid, it is possible to keep the bills paid while the worker repositions himself in the market. Learn more about this help offered to workers!

How does the Unemployment Insurance Fund work?

The UIF is a fund administered by the government. In effect, it offers short-term financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs.

In addition, the UIF can help workers who have had their working hours cut short involuntarily.

The UIF is administered by the Department of Employment and Labor and benefits workers who have contributed to the fund. As a result, benefits include:

  • Illness benefits;
  • Unemployment aid;
  • Maternity benefits;
  • Adoption benefits.

The amount of the benefit is calculated based on the worker’s income. In addition, the benefit duration depends on the time the worker contributes to the fund.

Other services provided

  • Professional orientation;
  • Job placement services;
  • Training programs to help unemployed workers find new jobs.

Benefits offered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund

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Benefits offered by the UIF. Source: Adobe Stock

Below, learn about the main benefits offered to jobs through this benefit:

Help for a long time

Indeed, the main difficulty for workers is maintaining the family budget in periods of unemployment.

For this reason, the UIF offers financial assistance for a relatively long term. Workers contributing to this fund can have up to 12 months of continuous support.

This is certainly a good period to re-enter the job market. Workers can also count on a temporary pension in case of incapacity due to occupational injuries/illnesses.

The maximum pension payment period is 26 weeks (over 6 months).

In cases of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and worship, it is also possible to count on financial assistance from the UIF. Thus, you can receive payments for up to 17 weeks.

Illness giving entitlement to continuous UIF pension

Indeed, certain illnesses may entitle workers to a continuous UIF pension. Below is a list of some of these diseases:

  • Tuberculosis;
  • Leprosy;
  • Malaria;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Typhoid fever;
  • Viral hepatitis;
  • AIDS / HIV;
  • Cancer;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Serious psychiatric disorders.

Want to apply for the Unemployment Insurance Fund?

Indeed, most workers can apply for help from the UIF. To learn how to see the following post!

Unemployment Insurance Fund

Apply for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

Apply to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and get federal financial help until you can find a new job or qualify for a better job!

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