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Chase Freedom® Student card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Chase Freedom® Student cards and get a visa card with an adjustable limit of at least 5 months of use and many other benefits!


Chase Freedom® Student card: never worry about annuity fees again

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Learn how to apply for this card. Source: Chase

Apply for the Chase Freedom® Student card and get special rewards conditions and a higher credit limit in just 5 months.


Credit card

Chase Freedom® Student

Cash back Student card

1% cashback on all purchases, no annual fee, free credit score check and much more.

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They also have birthday bonuses and a very interesting APR rate. Below, check out the basic criteria and how to apply for this card:

  • Be of legal age;
  • Be enrolled in a college, university, career, or trade school.

Do you have what it takes? So, here’s how to apply below:

How to apply on the website

Going to the official Chase Freedom® Student Card website, click the green “Apply as a Guest” button. Then fill out a short form with some basic information.

In it, you will provide personal data, such as your SSN, address, and income. In the end, click “submit”.

Thus, your data will be computed and you will receive an email with the response to your request. If approved, you will receive information on how to proceed with the process to obtain this card.

How to apply using a mobile app

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Learn how to apply for the card. Source: Chase Freedom®

Indeed, through the “Chase Mobile” app, you can manage your card from anywhere with internet access.

Inquiries into your credit score, setting budgets, sending and receiving money, and much more. All this can be done using this app.

However, this app does not allow you to apply for the Chase Freedom® Student card. So, to become a customer of this service, you must go to the official website of Chase.

Chase Freedom® Student card vs. Discover it® Student Cash Back card: choose which one is best for you

In fact, Chase Freedom® and Discover it® are big competitors in the market when it comes to credit cards. These companies are known in the market for offering credit products in great conditions.

That way, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help you, check the table below.

We have separated the main advantages of the student cards offered by each of these companies. See below:

Chase Freedom® Student cardDiscover it® Student Cash Back card
Credit ScoreGood or excellent (670 to 850)Fair (630-689)
Annual Fee$0$0
Regular APR16.49% (variable)0% APR for purchases in the first six months. After, from 14.49% to 23.49% (variable for purchases)
Welcome bonus*$50 if you make at least one purchase of any amount within the first three months of using your card

*Terms apply
All your cashback earnings in the first year are doubled
Rewards*1% automatic cashback on all purchases

*Terms apply
5% cashback on specific and automatically changing categories every three months (limit up to $1,500 every three months and no Walmart and Target purchases included); 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases

Does the Discover it® Student Cash Back card sound like a good option? Take your questions by accessing a full review by reading our post below!

Discover it® logo

Discover it® Student Cash Back card: check out how to apply!

Learn about the application process and the basic requirements to be a Discover it® Student Cash Back card, a student card with advantages only found on cards for people with good/excellent credit.

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