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Indeed, air ticket prices have already made many people give up their travels. Therefore, those who dream of “taking their feet off the ground” need to know how to find the best flight deal.


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Yes, good opportunities still exist, and you can find them as long as you use the right tools to do so. Next, we’ll teach you how to find the best prices and even how to travel for free! See below!

What are the best platforms to buy cheap flights?

Indeed, it doesn’t matter how high the airfare prices are. In this way, you will always have good opportunities to save. However, this will only be possible if you use the right tools to find the best flight deal.

So forget about famous airline websites and agencies for now. Most likely, these will not give you the best deals as easily. Today, the internet is full of good search engines.

In seconds, you can compare ticket prices from hundreds of airlines. In addition, you will be able to consult national and international options without having to spend hours visiting different sites.

Below, we’ve selected four tools you need to know to do your searches. However, these are not the only ones.

Depending on the destination you are looking for, these may not even be the best search engines. Therefore, we recommend that you use other online tools.

Only then will you be sure that you have really found the best possible offer. Check it out below:


Indeed, this is the most used airline and travel package search tool today. Every month, at least 100 million people save on their travel.

In addition to comparing ticket prices, you can find good deals on travel packages and car rentals. This page is available in over 30 countries.

Therefore, this tool is also great for those looking for international flights. This company has partnerships with from luxury airlines to companies that offer low cost flights.

In addition, there are exclusive promotions that users of this tool can receive. So it is very likely that your best flight offer is here.


You may have boarded a plane and noticed some empty seats. In fact, each chair not occupied represents a loss for the company that offers them.

Most likely, companies would offer good discounts just to reduce the loss of not having sold that ticket. That’s why you can find such impressive discounts on the Hotwire platform.

This company offers airline tickets not sold by airlines at a discount. These sites also offer a similar service for hotel stays and even vacation packages.

In a quick consultation, it is possible to find discounts of up to 50%! So look for the best flight deal on this site. Your finances will thank you.


CheapOair is another search engine for travel services. Using complex search engines, this site is able to track down-market ticket options. Exclusive offers at all times are not lacking on this site.

This site offers a credit card with a kind of miles program. In addition, you can count on promotional codes to save even more. You can count on great plans to make payments with greater flexibility.


Imagine being able to search for the best prices on over 500 airlines at the same time. That’s exactly what the OneTravel search engine offers.

Here, you can compare travel services and buy airline tickets at incredible discounts. In addition, you can put together travel packages that keep your expenses as low as possible.

Can you buy plane tickets directly at the airport?

Peoples walking and carries luggage in Vienna airport terminal
Does anyone still buy tickets directly at the airport? Source: Adobe Stock

Before the popularization of the internet, going to an airport was one of the few ways to get airline tickets. Today you can buy airline tickets on your cell phone while brushing your teeth, for example.

However, you can still go to an airport to request your airline tickets if you wish. Indeed, there are those who decide to travel at the last minute.

So you go to the airport to try to buy tickets for a flight that is about to take off. However, this kind of attitude is not welcomed by airlines.

In effect, you will have to go through a detailed magazine and answer some questions from agents. In some cases, the sale may simply be declined.

Also, if you decide to compare tickets at the airport, you will pay much higher prices. In fact, there are websites that allow you to search for cheap tickets.

In addition, some companies offer discounts for those who make the purchase through the mobile app. Therefore, it is advisable to plan any trip at least 2 or 3 months in advance.

Is it possible to get free flights?

In fact, you may have heard of someone who can board flights for free. However, this has been possible since frequent flyer programs were created.

These are programs that generate points every time you buy a ticket. In addition, there are credit cards that generate this type of point for common day-to-day purchases.

In fact, you can use the points you accumulate to fund your tickets in whole or in part.

Tourist looking at a panel of airlines (international travel budget)

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Best tips for finding cheap flights

sign indicating check-in area (best flight deal)
5 tips to save on your next plane trip. Source: Pixbaya

Now, here are 5 quick tips from experts on how to get cheaper airline tickets:

There are no magic formulas

Nowhere is it written that it is possible to buy cheaper tickets on Tuesdays, for example. Trust search engines for cheap tickets more than these “beliefs”.

Being flexible helps you find the best flight deal

If you’re willing to change your flight date, you can find great discounts. In the case of vacation planning, the same goes for destinations. Also, consider landing at a smaller airport near your destination.

Good and cheap

In the national and international markets, hundreds of companies specialize in cheap flights. In this, the savings can be very worthwhile for you to be willing to reduce your own comfort.

Living eye

Promotions can appear at any time. Be careful to take advantage of them. To do this, use different search tools.

Separated is sometimes better than together

Research ticket prices separately and not within the same purchase. This can reduce the total price.

Now that you know how to find a best flight deal, check out 6 great cards for travelers that don’t charge an annual fee!

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