How to budget for international travel: 5 best tips

A budget can make your international travel dream come true. To learn more, see the full article below and find out how you can even get free airline tickets!


Find out how to plan a dream trip on any budget

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Make your dream of an international trip real. Source: Pixabay

In fact, putting together an international travel budget is the only way to make the trip of your dreams come true.

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However, this task can seem boring and give the impression that you are taking all the fun out of your partner. However, we want to change your view on this matter.

Next, learn about the correct way to put together a budget that allows you to put your dream on paper and then realize it!

Why is it important to plan a budget when traveling?

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Understand why it is so important to make a budget before any trip. Source: Pixabay

Picture the scene: you are on vacation in Paris. Yesterday, you decided you deserved to have dinner somewhere downtown.

You randomly picked a restaurant and spent way more than you could afford. This unplanned expense derailed your entire trip.

Now, you don’t have enough money to take the routes you want, and you’ll spend the rest of your trip trying to save on everything.

You even think about calling your airline to find out how to get home early. Therefore, you no longer see the day of your return from vacation as sadness but as the end of this situation.

Needless to say, it is horrible to see the dream of a trip turn into a real nightmare this way. In fact, the only way to avoid a situation like this is to have a budget for international travel.

Contrary to what people think, a budget will not limit your fun. In fact, this is one way to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Both during the trip and after it.

After all, when you disembark, you will still have installments of your flight to pay. In fact, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t compromise your budget.

So it’s important that you think of the budget as a friend, an important part of your trip. However, a big reason many shy away from a budget is the calculations.

However, this will become extremely easy if you have a model to follow. Here’s how you can create a good budget financially without racking one’s brain!

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How do you calculate an international travel budget?

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Tips for setting up a simple and inexpensive travel budget. Source: Pixabay

There is actually a simple way to set up an international travel budget. Below, we’ll give you the main topics you’ll need to use to build yours.

However, we have warned you: there is no budget to cover all trips. You will probably have to make some adjustments (include or exclude categories).

However, these changes are simple, and you can do everything with paper, pen, or cell phone. Check this out now!

Basics of an international travel budget

Know the basic topics to put together a good travel budget:

Airfare and accommodation

These are the main costs of a trip. It’s best to pay them off as soon as possible.


Decide if you will eat where you are staying or in restaurants. If you’re planning a special dinner, take a look at the menu online to get an idea of ​​prices and add that to your budget.

Another tip is to reserve a daily amount of money for food. The exact amount will depend on each country.

To make sure you are estimating a correct value, seek help from those who have already been to the destination where you are going.


Are you going to travel by train from one city to another? Include this in your budget. If you decide to rent a car, you should include estimated expenses here.

In fact, experts advise renting a car in advance. The tip of establishing a daily value is also very useful for this type of cost.


Amusement parks, shows, tourist attractions, boat rentals, and everything in between. Search the internet for the value of each of these attractions and include it in your budget.


You will most likely want to return from your trip with gifts for those who stayed. Stipulate a value for this type of expense as well.

Emergency reserve

You’ll keep this emergency money ready to use when you lose control of your budget. Experts indicate that this reserve is at least 20% of your total budget.

5 budget tips for your next international travel

Now, you already have the necessary knowledge to outline an international travel budget. Now comes the best part: how to save money without diminishing the fun? We will give you precious tips below!

Save on your international flight

There are several good tips you should know on the internet: search for “red-eye plane tickets”, be flexible on departure dates, and search on a website specialized in price comparison…

Another very important tip, but unknown by many, is: to change the landing airport. Sometimes, you can save a lot if you land in a city close to your itinerary or at a smaller airport.

Don’t pay for too many things upfront

It is best to avoid purchasing tickets for tourist attractions and other services in advance. You can simply change plans or pay extra fees. Also, you lose bargaining power.

Get your piggy bank

Experts indicate that it is much more advantageous to travel with dollars and change them immediately when you arrive at your destination.

Most credit cards may charge a fee of up to 3% per foreign transaction. So it’s best to avoid using your card.

Save on accommodation and transport

If you want, you can save a lot if you give up staying at a famous hotel and use apps like Airbnb.

In the case of transport, it is worth using public transport if your destination is Europe. In fact, you will save a lot and travel in comfort.

Multiply your trips

If you travel frequently or not, you can apply for a credit card with a frequent flyer program.

These cards can guarantee that your next airline ticket is completely free. Also, some of these cards may offer a welcome bonus that can pay for your flight by itself.

Foster The Money has prepared a list of the best traveler cards available on the market. To know this one, see the following post and learn how to turn your daily shopping into international air travel!

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