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After all, is it still possible to earn money online in 2023? To get a good answer to this question, nothing better than asking someone who earns money on the Internet.

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Well, this is my case and that of other colleagues I consulted to write this text:

5 ways to make money online

When I typed “how to make money online” into the Google search bar over 4 years ago, I could never have imagined what would happen next.

Well, my friends who followed paths similar to mine are not millionaires. However, I can say that most of us have completely abandoned formal jobs.

Now we live much more comfortable lives. Some work from home. Others prefer to live like “digital nomads” and constantly move countries while working on their computers.

However, would anyone be able to repeat this same feat starting today, in 2023?

The unanimous answer is yes! To get started, just choose one of the paths that we will present below!

Do freelancing

I remember I was unemployed. I was using a computer borrowed from my sister when I discovered freelance sites.

These are virtual communities that unite people who need services and people who can perform. This is without a formal employment relationship.

On freelancer sites, there are advertisements for the most diverse tasks. Programmers, designers, editors, social media managers, writers, and many other professionals.

In case you think you don’t have any really profitable skills, all is not lost. You can learn to do whatever you want for free on the internet, blogs, or even YouTube.

Take the time to learn a task. Once you learn how to do something, go for it. They’re waiting for you on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Invest like a trader

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Invest like a trader! Source: Adobe Stock

There are three types of income. The secret to getting rich is knowing how to get the best out of each one of these. One of the main types is the “Portfolio Income.”

That’s the kind of money you can earn for the investments you make. Thus, the internet offered people the opportunity to specialize in this type of income.

Thus, from a computer with access to good internet, traders buy and sell stocks or currencies in the short term. Those are the traders. Indeed, this is a very risky profession.

After all, nothing guarantees that after each purchase or sale, you will make a profit. But, there are several people who withdraw their livelihood or get rich just from it.

In addition to knowing the market, you must have a bold investor profile, willing to take risks.

Earn money online: Be an expert

The “knowledge market” is one of the most lucrative in the world. So the good news is that you can move from being a consumer to becoming a “knowledge seller.”

Yes, I am saying that you can sell your courses and e-books on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a successful doctor or “just” someone who knows something.

Most likely, there are people who don’t have your knowledge and are willing to pay to have it. So, it’s just you organize and offer.

Incredible as it may seem, I already knew a couple who made a lot of money watching e-books on how to organize the house.

If you have a skill that impresses people, turn it into a course or ebook. Use a little marketing, and voila: watch the money pour into your account!

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Make a “dark channel” on Youtube

Early in my career as a writer, I worked for someone who got rich off of YouTube.

However, the most curious thing is that he never showed his face in a video. The strategy he used was to create what many call “dark channels.”

These are niche-specific channels: football, astronomy, technology, trivia, history, celebrity news, or movie reviews, for example.

This old boss of mine wrote the scripts for the videos and paid a few dollars in voiceover apps for someone to narrate them. He would then edit the narration along with the non-copyrighted footage.

With eye-catching titles and thumbnails, the videos received a lot of hits. Within a few months, Youtube started paying him per view.

Answer surveys online

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Answer surveys online. Source: Adobe Stock

To close this list, I thought of a task that can help you improve your monthly budget today.

Well, for a long time, companies hired institutes to carry out research on the acceptance of their products and services, for example.

However, in times of the Internet, companies can now listen to their customers directly. In fact, your opinion about a product is so important that you can earn money.

After a simple registration, you will be able to see which surveys are available. Choose one, answer seriously and to the end, and get paid for it.

This will be your first assignment as the newest beginner in the art of “how to earn money online.”

Bottom line

Up next, learn how what is a budget and 7 easy tips to stick with it! Keep reading and learn more!

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