How to find cheap flights: 7 easy tips

Ditch myths about how to find cheap airline tickets once and for all and learn tips that really work today!


Save money when buying plane tickets

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Learn how to find incredible discounts that are invisible to most consumers. Source: Pixabay

In fact, knowing how to find cheap flights can change your travels forever. After all, if you know how to use this resource you can save on tickets, attractions, cruises, hotels and any other service.


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However, you can’t just repeat the same old tips and think you’ll find the best deals that way. Next, understand what you really need to do to travel at really low prices:

7 tips and tricks for finding cheap flights

Thus, the systems that generate airfare prices have changed and you also need to update yourself or you will miss out on good opportunities. Below, learn how to find ticket prices that many do not have access to:

Forget the old spells

There are numerous tips on the internet to “help” you find cheap tickets. Most likely you know and even use. We’re talking about superstitions like:

  • Buy airline tickets on Tuesdays (or any other specific day of the week);
  • Anonymously search for ticket prices on websites to find exclusive deals;
  • Buy your tickets exactly two or three months in advance;
  • Using websites that promise to “predict” airline ticket prices to choose the best purchase date.

Chances are these tips have worked for a while. However, the modern airline ticket price calculation systems used today can bypass all these “loopholes”. So forget about these “foolproof tips”.

By the way, this is the first and one of the main tips for those who want to find cheap flights.

Use websites to find deals

You must know some airline ticket finder. These search engines work and can greatly reduce your search work. However, you need to know one important fact about these sites.

These only show deals offered by partner airlines. Also, most major search engines prioritize large agencies over smaller ones.

Thus, it is likely that you will not take advantage of good opportunities if you use only one of these tools. So, our tip is: to search in three or more of these tools.

According to many travelers, the best search engines are Skyscanner and That way, you can start looking for your tickets on these sites.

Be flexible with dates and destinations

It may seem strange, but you shouldn’t start planning your vacation by choosing destinations and dates. In fact, you should only do this after setting your travel budget.

Thus, you will have more flexibility to choose the best date to travel. After all, airline ticket prices vary a lot within the same month. You can use this to your advantage to choose the cheapest date to fly.

Also, you can find exclusive offers to amazing destinations. However, you will not be able to take advantage of them if you have already chosen a specific destination.

Fly on independence day or thanksgiving day

Tourist looking at a panel of airlines (international travel budget)
Fly on Thanksgiving to save money? Understand. Source: Pixabay

You didn’t read it wrong. We are really suggesting that you buy air tickets on major national holidays.

You must be thinking now: “this is crazy, the demand for flights on these dates grows, and that makes the price scary”.

Well, we partly agree with that. National holidays (not celebrated in other countries) cause flight prices to rise.

However, this is only true for domestic flights (from one place to another without leaving the country). If you are looking for international flights, you can find good deals.

After all, demand is lower and prices will not be inflated by the “holiday effect”. Sometimes going against the crowd can also be good for your finances.

Indeed, this is an incredible tip for anyone who wants to know how to find cheap flights.

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Look for airlines that specialize in ultra-cheap tickets

In our country, dozens of airlines specialize in the sale of low-cost airline tickets. We are not talking about offers or promotions. In fact, prices are below average all year round.

How do these agencies manage to do this? Each uses specific strategies.

Some of these include more seats on the same flight to accommodate more passengers on the same flight or restrict the amount of luggage.

Others only fly direct: less flight time, lower operating and fuel costs. However, knowing how these companies manage to offer their discounts is not important.

The important thing is to know that these exist and are as safe as any world-renowned airline. Thus, it is very worthwhile to look for this type of service. Below, find out about some of these:

  • JetBlue Airways;
  • Porter Airlines;
  • Southwest Airlines;
  • Allegian Air;
  • Frontier Airlines;
  • Spirit Airlines;
  • LATAM Airlines Group.

Be flexible also in choosing your route

Most quick searches offer flights that land at (or depart from) major airports.

This isn’t exactly a problem. However, sometimes it is possible to save a lot of money just by landing at a “less famous” airport.

For example, you can disembark in a lesser-known city and travel by train or bus to your final destination. Also, small airline agencies can help you a lot with that final transfer.

By the way, this is a tip from experienced travelers on how to save money while traveling.

Indeed, a tool that can help you in this search for alternative airports is the “Google Flights Explore Map”. So, be sure to check out this site.

Low price alert

woman using smartphone
How can I receive discount notifications on my cell phone? Source: Pixabay

As you already know, knowing the best time to buy tickets to a certain destination is practically impossible. However, some technologies can help you a lot in this regard.

Imagine getting a message on your cell phone or email every time the ticket price for the flight you’re looking for drops dramatically. This service is best of all; it is offered for free!

Most airlines have a price alert service. In addition, some airfare search tools can also keep you informed about this aspect. Some examples of sites that can alert you are Kayak and Google Flights.

So, we finish our list with 7 tips that will help you to know more about how to find cheap flights. However, if you want to save even more on airline tickets traveling for free, see the following post!

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