Let lenders compete with each other to offer you the best loan!

Hippo loans, loans up to R350,000 irrespective of your credit score


With Hippo Loans, you have access to dozens of proposals from the most famous creditors in the country in just 2 minutes. Everything is done online, free of charge and anytime. Just answer a short questionnaire and then choose the best offer you’ve received. People with bad credit scores can also use this tool and find great loan opportunities.

Four excellent reasons to rely on Hippo Loans to help you get a good loan!

Free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
Get quotes from over 40 lenders that compete to give you the best loan deal;
Person with low credit score can also get the loan he needs;
Extremely simple form: in 2 minutes, you can access proposals from creditors across the country.

As you may already know, Hippo Loans does not lend directly from own funds. In fact, this tool brings people who seek this service closer to a network of partner creditors. Currently, Hippo Loans has 46 member companies offering loans and other credit services. Next, get to know the main ones: Absa, NedBank insurance company, Beame, bestMed, Bonitas, dialdirect, Fedhealth and many others.

Hippo Loans is a service specially offered to customers with South African citizenship. In addition to proving this condition in documents, you still need to meet other criteria such as living and working in South Africa. Thus, tourists, people with a work/study visa, refugees and other people who live in this country but do not have South African citizenship cannot use this service.

Hippo Loans sets clear income conditions for an applicant to obtain a loan. Employed applicants must have been with their current company for at least six months. Those who do not have a fixed job, therefore working autonomously, can also use this tool. However, these workers will need to present monthly income for the last three months. Thus, self-employed workers are also able to use this tool.

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Hippo Loans: find out how to apply!

Apply to Hippo Loans and access a network of lenders willing to offer loans of up to R350,000 to applicants with bad credit scores!

In fact, Hippo Loans can greatly multiply your chances of getting a good loan.

However, it is possible to go further and discover more possibilities with just a few clicks. Go to the review below to learn more about Hoopla Loans!

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Hoopla Loans: find out how to apply!

Apply to Hoopla Loans and, in seconds, find hundreds of lenders competing to offer you the best loan. Learn more in this post!

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