Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for a credit card that allows you to turn your everyday purchases into international airline tickets and access to exclusive spaces (for free!). Know more!


Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card: one of the largest rewards programs in the world

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Learn how to apply for the Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card. Source: British Airways

Apply for the Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card and gain access to a world-class rewards program.


Credit card

Absa British Airways Visa

Miles program Travel credit card

55 days interest-free. Frequent flyer programs for international travel.

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Get 55 days interest-free and earn points for common purchases. Below, learn how and what criteria you must meet to apply. To apply, you need the following:

  • Have a monthly income of at least R8 000;
  • Possess a valid identification document;
  • Present proof of residency;
  • Be over 18 years old.

The validation of your application is conditioned to a credit inquiry. Here’s how you can apply without leaving your home.

How to apply on the website

To apply for the Absa British Airways Visa credit card, you must go to the official Absa website. From the top menu, select the “Credit Card” tab.

Then press the “see all” button and scroll until you find this card. Click “apply now” and complete a simple security test.

Then, you must fill in a form with personal details, address, and contact information. In the following steps, you must enter your income and employment status.

After informing all the selected data, you must send the documents to validate your registration. These must be sent to the bank by post or email.

How to apply using a mobile app

apply Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card
Learn how to apply for the Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card. Source: British Airways

You can apply through the “Absa Banking” app if you prefer. The process is practically the same as for online subscriptions.

The only difference is that the application allows you to send photos of the documents requested for the application. This app allows you to manage your card, pay bills, transfer money, and much more.

Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card vs. NedBank Gold Credit Card: choose which one is best for you

South Africa has a market full of good credit card options. One such is the NedBank Gold Credit Card.

This is a similar card service, which may be more in line with what you are looking for today. Here’s a comparison between cards and see which one best fits your profile.

Absa British Airways Visa Credit CardNedBank Gold Credit Card
Credit ScoreGood or better (650 or greater);Good or better (650 or greater);
Monthly FeeR95 (monthly facility: R30,00 + monthly account: R65,00);R40 (monthly service fee + credit facility fee);
Initiation FeeR175;R20 service fee;
Interest Rate20.25% for purchases at points of sale, cash withdrawals, fuel, and installment purchases; 0.20% for credit card balance;Get personalized rates;
Rewards*Earn 1 Avios for every R5.00 spent on British Airways or every R7.50 spent on other eligible purchases and redeem these points for airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel nights.You can get 50% off your Nu Metro movie tickets;

You’ll have a chance of winning up to R20 000 worth of fuel at bp;

Access restaurant deals and travel discounts;

Find special deals on eligible shopping, airtime, electricity, and more.

*Terms apply.

To learn more about the NedBank Gold Credit Card, read our post below about its application process!

NedBank logo

NedBank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for a card that combines a good rewards program and travel benefits: NedBank Gold Credit Card!

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