Feeding America: a helping hand in times of need

The USA has one of the largest non-governmental initiatives to distribute food to families and people in need without proof of income or registration. Learn more about this project and how you can benefit from it!


Get support from Americas’s largest hunger relief organization

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Find out how you can benefit from one of the largest charity programs in the country. Source: Feeding America

When John van Hengel volunteered to cook soup for needy people, little did he know he was creating Feeding America!

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Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP): food assistance for seniors

Commodity Supplemental Food Program brings health to the table of thousands of Americans for free. Find out how to benefit from this program!

However, what is this initiative? Find out what Feeding America is and how you can benefit from this program:

What is Feeding America and what do they do?

Feeding America is a network of more than 200 food banks spread across the country. Thus, the function of these banks is to receive, store and donate healthy food to needy people.

Today, this non-profit organization serves 46 million people and generated more than $3 billion in revenue in 2021. However, this story began much more simply over 40 years ago.

John Arnold van Hengel, a Roman Catholic, volunteered to help needy and homeless people in Phoenix, Arizona.

Solidarity, he mainly provided services in the kitchen, responsible for preparing soups that were distributed to needy people.

However, Hengel wanted to do more and thought of a way to get food to more people. The idea of ​​how to do this came about by accident.

Hengel met a mother of 10 who fed on leftover food he found in household dumps on the streets of Phoenix.

She said the food was of good quality, but she wished there was a place where they were stored in better conditions.

Thus “a lamp shone in Hengel’s head.” With some money and space offered by the church, she started to receive and store food that would be discarded by local producers and traders.

Thus, needy families now have a suitable place to receive healthy food for free. In a few decades, the initiative grew, and today it is spread across several cities in the United States.

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Government food benefits: get the help you need

Government food benefits can be a chance to put food on the table without paying anything. Read on to learn more about these benefits!

How do food banks work?

Food distributed by Feeding America
Healthy, fresh, and free food for anyone who needs it: that’s Feeding America. Source: Feeding America

Feeding America receives food or money donations from companies, the government, and individuals.

The food received is stored in food banks across the country and later transferred to projects that distribute food to the population.

In addition to fresh foods, ready-to-eat soups and other ready-to-eat meals are offered.

The money received is fully used to buy food or maintain the structure of banks, transport, and other distribution programs. Those who cannot donate money or food can volunteer their own time.

However, can you count on this support? Find out in the thread below!

Who can benefit from Feeding America?

Mobile Food Pantrys
Learn how to get free food without registering or meeting income requirements. Source: Flickr

In fact, most food banks do not serve households directly. In fact, the food is distributed to hunger relief agencies. Thus, these are responsible for the final transfer of food to families.

That way, you can consult agencies in your region or rely on Mobile Food Pantrys. These are trucks where anyone can get boxes of healthy food.

In these, it is not necessary to register or prove income. So anyone who needs these foods can get them.

Those who prefer can also buy food at low prices in these cars. In addition to food, these transports also have basic hygiene materials, such as soap.

How to find local food banks in your community?

In fact, there is likely a Feeding America partner agency near you. So just locate it to get free food without traveling long distances.

Thus, the official Feeding America website helps you find places where food is distributed. To do so, simply access the enterprise’s official website and access the map “Find your Local Food Bank”.

Just enter your zip code, and you will find several distribution points in your neighborhood. You can use this same map to find the email or phone number of the agency that can serve you.

So you will be able to get secure information about opening hours and what kind of food you can get there. In these units, you can also volunteer to help with the work.

After all, this is a non-profit organization that also depends on this kind of help.

Another food assistance program option: SNAP

Indeed, Feeding America is one of the most important charities in the country. In 2018, this was one of the charities that moved the most money that year, according to Forbes.

In fact, Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest) is a reference model for fighting hunger.

Furthermore, this initiative has always played an important role in catastrophic events such as hurricanes and other tragedies.

Even if you can count on this organization, you may still need more help ensuring your family has food on the table. That way, you can turn to some of the federal welfare programs.

Regarding nutrition, the biggest and most important of these is SNAP, also known as food stamps. However, you must know if you are eligible to count on this additional support.

For this and other information, take a look at the article below!

SNAP and EBT Accepted here sign. SNAP and Food Stamps provide nutrition benefits to supplement the budgets of disadvantaged families.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): see if you are eligible

Know the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the federal program that can guarantee quality food for your family.

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