Top 8 highest paying jobs in South Africa

The updated list of professions that pay the highest salaries in the country may surprise many! Check it out to see our full list!


Discover the salaries you could earn in South Africa

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Top 8 highest paying jobs in South Africa. Source: Adobe Stock

Knowing the highest-paying jobs in South Africa can help you choose your future profession.

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However, this list will explain why salary is not the most important factor when choosing a job/college. Follow below!

Explore the 8 highest paying jobs in South Africa

Here is the list of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa. We are sure that some of the professions that appeared on this list will surprise you.

After all, most of the population knows many professions mentioned here. Is your dream profession on the list? Continue in this post and find out!

1. Corporate Executive

In fact, these professionals are at the top of the hierarchy of the largest companies in the world. In this way, their decisions and choices influence all company employees.

They need to have a creative profile to adapt their businesses to new market demands. They also need to be able to predict or even create market trends.

Some of these never completely stop working, even during rest or vacation. Continuously, they are subjected to an extreme demand for results.

They are classified as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Average salary: R1,356,406 per year.

2. Specialist Medical Doctor

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Second highest paying job in South Africa: Specialist Medical Doctor. Source: Freepik

Some professionals spend up to 12 years between studies and training and only then act professionally.

Once in the field, they are continuously exposed to high-stress levels and long working hours.

In addition, specialist doctors often receive patients with complex, rare, or difficult-to-diagnose health problems in their offices.

Some of the most lucrative medical specialties in South Africa are cardiology, neurosurgery, and oncology.

Average salary: R1,123,890 per year.

3. Management Consultants

Indeed, the larger companies become, the greater the challenges they face.

These challenges are barriers that must be overcome for the company to remain competitive or grow.

In very large businesses, it is difficult to see the big picture. Therefore, it is always important to rely on professionals who are experts in solving specific problems.

Indeed, these people have extensive business management experience or a specific field.

For creating or implementing solutions that generate a lot of profit, they are extremely valued and remunerated.

Average salary: R720,006 per year.

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4. Petroleum Engineers

Cars, airplanes, industrial machines, machines in the agricultural sector, power generators, and other equipment depend on these fuels.

Therefore, they’re well-paid and responsible for managing oil search and extraction operations. These are petroleum engineers.

In addition to finding these resources, these professionals need to calculate the cost/benefit of extracting them.

For this, they also consider the current price of oil and try to estimate its quality even before extracting it.

For this, they must master and improve extremely complex software and manage resources, equipment, and teams.

Average salary: R694,700 per year.

5. IT Managers

IT managers are responsible for coordinating all of a company’s use of technology.

In addition to developing and improving systems, these professionals must motivate and train teams.

An IT manager is responsible for generating the data the growers use in their decisions.

In addition to mastering technology deeply, they must know how to manage people.

The professionals who assume this position are usually specialists in computer science and information technology, among others in the same area.

Average salary: R 663,539 per year.

6. Software Engineers

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Explore the 8 highest paying jobs in South Africa. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, computers began to emerge in the 1940s. However, in the 1960s, these machines became increasingly complex and required more robust software.

To solve the “software crisis,” software engineers emerged.

These professionals master the entire mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, and engineering knowledge base.

Thus, they apply all this knowledge in developing useful software for the most varied purposes.

The computer or cell phone you use now needs a software engineer to exist!

Average salary: R660,000 per year.

7. Lawyer

Indeed, some professionals are extremely important for maintaining the organization of society.

After all, without the work of those who ensure that laws are complied with, our lives would be extremely difficult. That’s why lawyers are so essential in all areas of life.

In a world where business is becoming increasingly complex, having a specialist in corporate law becomes indispensable.

In addition, with the popularization of the internet, it is increasingly important to protect data and intellectual property. This explains the success of these professionals.

Average salary: R615,000 per year.

8. Chartered Accountants

One of the most important functions of a company is undoubtedly to account for the use of cash.

This is the only way to know if a business is profitable, sustainable, and legally viable.

This is such an important task that it requires a higher education. In addition to interacting and registering large sums, these professionals receive large salaries.

Accountants can work both in private companies and in public companies and offices.

Average salary: R482,649 per year.

Bottom line

In fact, being in one of the best-paying jobs in South Africa is just one of the keys to achieving financial freedom.

Another very important step is knowing how to invest the money you earn, whatever your profession.

We select only extremely safe and profitable options. Do you want to meet them? Then go to the post below!

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