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Start building your credit history while you're in college with up to 30% cashback on all your purchases!

Absa Student Card, R0 monthly fee and up to 57 interest-free days!


The Absa Student Card is the kind of card that makes anyone want to go back to college. In fact, this card offers facilities that you will hardly find in adult life. Among these, we highlight low interest and other fees (R0 monthly fee), free lounge access and a rewards program that offers cashback of up to 30%. Plus, you can complete simple challenges to earn food stamps and enjoy other benefits. All this on a Visa credit card accepted anywhere in the world.

In four points, understand why every student should have the Absa Student Credit Card in their backpack!

Cashback program up to 30%;
Free travel insurance and free lounge access;
Monthly fee of R0;
Low Candidate Requirements: Great opportunity to build credit while still in college.

Like most Visa credit cards, the Absa Student Card can be used anywhere in the world. Plus, while you’re out of the country, you don’t have to worry about international transaction fees and all your online or in-store spending outside South Africa will also earn you cashback in the Absa Rewards rewards program.

To earn this type of reward, you must complete challenges. Every three weeks a new challenge is released and you have to complete it in a timely manner. Each completed challenge entitles you to a meal ticket at restaurants associated with the Absa bank partner network. You may be challenged to add extra information to complete your profile on the bank’s app (like adding a profile picture) or to make a certain number of purchases at the bank’s partner stores, for example.

Normally, Absa bank will migrate your student account to a regular account. In effect, this means that your card will be terminated and you will be issued with a new card that matches your current status. This way, you will likely miss out on some perks like R0 monthly fee and lower interest rate. However, you will be able to access services that are more compatible with the new moment in your life.

Absa Student Credit Card

Absa Student Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for the Absa Student Credit Card and build your credit while still in college with 30% cashback, R0 monthly fee, and more!

In fact, it is impossible to know when an unforeseen event will happen. So it is always good to be cautious. By the way, one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to have an FNB Petro Card.

With this card, you will be fully protected if you suffer any type of incident while traveling by car. Next, learn about everything this card can do for you and your family!

FNB Petro Card

FNB Petro Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the FNB Petro Card and get 24/7 assistance in case of travel accidents or emergencies. Read on to learn more!

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