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Earn 3% interest effortlessly with this credit card

African Bank Gold Card, count on up to 60 days without interest charges


African Bank Gold is the basic services credit card preferred by the South African people. After a quick and simple application process, you can have a card that offers a 3% annual yield (higher than many savings accounts) on your positive balance and 60 days interest rate free. Also, this is a Visa card, accepted anywhere in the world for purchases in physical or virtual stores. You can also count on international travel coverage in case you need medical or legal services and life insurance to use in case of fatalities.


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In four points, understand why you should consider having an African Bank Gold credit card in your wallet!

No barriers: it is very easy to be approved for this card;
It is a Visa card, accepted anywhere in the world;
Any positive balance on this card will automatically yield 3% per annum;
60 days without interest.

You will remain in the same website

The first thing to do is immediately contact your bank and request that your card be blocked. If you recover it, you can unlock it and continue using it normally. If you are unable to retrieve it, your card will remain blocked and cannot be used by anyone else. If you can’t get it back permanently, you can request a new one. However, be aware that to get a new card you will have to pay a fee of R115.

Your card’s initial credit limit is set based on the information provided on the application form and your credit history. However, after six months of responsible use of your credit, you may be eligible for an increase in your limit. To check whether this option is available to you, you should contact African Bank. You can do this by sending an SMS, by phone call, mobile app or internet banking.

African Bank Gold is a Visa card accepted worldwide for international purchases in physical stores or online. However, to make international transactions, you will have to pay a fee on top of the transaction amount. Currently, the rate is 2%. In relation to the domestic market, this rate is considered average, as most credit cards charge an international conversion fee of 3%.

African Bank Gold Credit Card

African Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the African Bank Gold Credit Card! Access a card that offers basic credit services and 60 days with no interest rate!

The direct competitor of the African Bank Gold Credit Card is the Absa Gold Card. The Absa Bank Gold Card offers some basic features and an interesting rewards program that offers up to 30% cashback!

To learn how to apply for this card, see the following post:

Absa Gold Credit Card

Absa Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Absa Gold Credit Card and enjoy a reward program and travel benefits. Up to 30% cashback. Keep reading to learn more.

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