Learn how to reverse money using the Capitec App and get your cash back!

Want to recover lost funds from an erroneous or unauthorized transaction? Learn how to reverse money on the Capitec Bank app and get your cash back with ease!


Say Goodbye to Payment Mishaps: a guide for the Capitec Bank reversal money solution

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Learn how to reverse money using the Capitec App! Source: Adobe Stock

Are you tired of worrying about lost or incorrect payments? With the Capitec App, you can easily reverse money transactions. You’ll get your cash back in just a few simple steps.

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It works for accidental payment, a duplicate transaction, or a mistake in the amount. Get ready to say goodbye to payment mishaps and hello to stress-free banking with Capitec Bank!

Capitec App bank: a step-by-step to reverse your money transaction

Did you know that Capitec Bank is one of the leading banking institutions in South Africa? It has over 15 million clients nationwide.

With such a large customer base, it’s no wonder that the bank has invested heavily in providing seamless, user-friendly banking solutions.

One such solution is the Capitec App. It allows customers to easily reverse money transactions and get their cash back in no time.

Follow these instructions, and you’ll be a happy customer with your money back in your hands. Keep reading!

Step 1: Check if the transaction is showing and if the money actually left your account 

First, let’s take a deep breath and see if you really transferred the money. Otherwise, you’ll be just waiting your time going through this process.

You can open your Capitec Bank App, sign in, go to “transact,” and then click on “debt orders”. There you’ll see a list of your transactions.

It is important to mention that you can only make the reversal process for transactions of R400 or less.

As a security measure, you can only reverse transactions above this amount through Capitec Bank’s direct service. In this case, you can visit a physical unit or call your bank to receive the necessary support.

If the debit order of up to R400 is in your transactions, and the money has left your account, you can start the process to reverse money using your Capitec Bank app.

Step 2: Identify and select the transaction you’d like to reverse

Now that you are already inside your Capitec Bank app, you can proceed and reverse money that has been mistakenly taken out of your account.

Again, select “transact” and then “debt order.” Notice that you can not get reverse a debicheck

We’ll talk about this rule in our FAQ. You’ll find it right after we finish the step-by-step guide to reverse money using the Capitec Bank app.

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Step 3: Select the reason why you’d like to reverse the money using your Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank allows you to reverse money transactions on their mobile app for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Accidental payments: If you made a payment by mistake to the wrong person or account.
  • Duplicate transactions: If you accidentally made the same payment twice, you can reverse one of the transactions.
  • Fraudulent transactions: If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account, you can use the app to reverse the transaction and get your money back.
  • Payment errors: If there was an error in the amount of a payment you made, you can reverse the transaction and make the correct payment.

It’s important to note that some transactions may not be eligible for reversal. So it’s always a good idea to double-check your transactions before making a payment.

Additionally, Capitec Bank may require additional information or verification before processing a transaction reversal.

Step 4: Confirm the request and wait for the Capitec Bank response

After you’ve double-checked all the details of your request, including the reason for the reversal and the amount, go ahead and confirm the request.

Easy, right? Now, all you have to do is sit back and wait for Capitec Bank to work its magic.

Typically, you’ll receive a response within a few business days, letting you know whether your request was successful or not.

And don’t worry, if it takes a bit longer, it’s probably just because of the weekend or a public holiday.

But rest assured, the user-friendly Capitec App allows you to easily track the progress of your request so you can get your cash back in no time.

Reverse money FAQ: everything you need to know about this Capitec Bank app feature

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See if you can use this feature through the app! Source: Adobe Stock

The ability to reverse transactions using the Capitec Bank app is a powerful and convenient feature. Let’s clarify a few common doubts about it!

Can I reverse any transaction on the Capitec Bank app?

No, you cannot reverse every transaction on the Capitec Bank app. The app only allows you to reverse accidental payments, duplicate transactions, fraudulent transactions, and payment errors. 

Also, you can not reverse a debit check transaction. This type of transaction requires confirmation, so you won’t be allowed to reverse it.

There is also an amount limit, and debit orders above R400 can only be reversed if you speak directly with Capitec Bank, in person or via phone.

How long does it take for a transaction to be reversed?

Typically, you will receive a response within a few business days confirming whether the reversal was successful or not.

In some cases, it may take longer due to weekends or public holidays.

How many days do I have to reverse a money transaction on the Capitec Bank app?

When using the Capitec Bank app, you have a 90-day period from the date of the transaction to initiate a reversal.

However, it’s best to take action sooner rather than later, ideally within the first few hours of the transaction. Waiting too long could make it more difficult to recover your funds

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