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In minutes, get a loan of up to R350,000 without leaving your home!

African Bank Personal Loan, the easiest and fastest way to get the money you need with flexibility of up to 6 years to pay!


Experts unanimous opinion: African Bank Personal Loan is the best personal loan service! This bank offers one of the highest value limits on a single proposal (R350,000). In addition, you can apply for a repayment term of up to 72 months. With the insurance offered by the bank, you will be carefree and can temporarily interrupt payments if something unforeseen happens. Apply for your loan without leaving home, using your computer or smartphone at any time.

Four reasons why you should rely on African Bank to apply for your personal loan!

Request amounts of up to R350,000;
Flexibility: up to 72 months to pay (6 years);
Exclusive deals if you want to prepay;
Stop your payments temporarily in the event of a fatality without paying fines or incurring penalties for doing so.

Yes. In fact, this is a practice strongly encouraged by African Bank. If you intend to pay your loan in full in advance, you can negotiate special conditions that may reduce the amount to be paid. In addition, you can negotiate an increase in the amount of installments to reduce the total payment time. To do this, just contact the bank by phone and negotiate the best option for you.

Yes. If a personal loan is not what you are looking for at the moment, you can apply for one of the other loan services offered by this bank. African Bank offers a special service for those who just need to consolidate debts. You can also count on a short loan, with up to 24 months of repayment period and interest rate of 12%. You can also count on the loan service to buy electronic devices, the “Tech Deals”. With it you can buy smartphones, notebooks and tablets with 12% interest.

Yes. Indeed, your payments are communicated to the main credit bureaus in the country. Thus, you will be able to follow the evolution of your credit score if you make all payments on time. In addition, you can request your credit history at any African Bank branch free of charge once a year. If you realize that there is an error in the resistors, you can request a reassessment.

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African Bank Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply for African Bank personal loan and get up to R350,000 in loans at 15% interest rates! Learn how to take advantage of this opportunity!

Before confirming any loan application, consult Nedbank Personal Loan service. This bank offers easy and fast loans up to R300,000. To learn more, see the following post!

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Nedbank Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply to Nedbank Personal Loan and get access to up to R300,000 and receive a cashback R200 cashback per month! Keep reading to learn how!

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