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Fly to over 40 destinations in Africa with up to 75% off airfare

Airlink, direct routes to more than 10 countries with up to 75% discount on airline tickets and luxury hotel stays


Airlink is at the top of the largest airlines in the country. Even with just over 30 years of activity, this company has managed to internationalize its services and now offers direct flights to 13 African countries. Partnerships and loyalty programs are another strength of the company. Through them, customers have access to discounts of up to 75% on airline tickets and hotel stays, in addition to accumulating miles on each trip.


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Airlink is one of the best companies in the national market and we can prove it! Discover four great advantages of flying with this company:

Direct routes to 45 national and international cities in more than 10 countries
Members of loyalty programs have access to discounts of up to 75% on air tickets and accommodation
Enjoy priority boarding and lounge access
Fly with maximum comfort and safety in a company that is a reference in passenger service

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Airlink offers direct flights to many destinations in Southern Africa. Altogether, this company offers flights to 45 destinations in 13 countries. Some of the destinations include cities in South Africa such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East London, and the Kimberley. In addition, Airlink also offers direct flights to destinations in neighboring countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, and Mauritius.

Customers associated with the Vitality Travel rewards program can enjoy dozens of benefits not only on Airlink but also on many other national and international airlines. On Airlink flights, you can count on discounts from 10% to 75%. In selected hotels and specific car rental companies, the discount can be from 10% to 25%. Not to mention the 10% to 15% discounts on beach vacations, cruises, or city adventures.

All Airlinks customers can board the plane with a single piece of luggage (suitcase) of up to 8 kg. Passengers traveling in economy class can check in a volume of up to 20 kg of luggage free of charge. “Business” passengers can check-in, at no additional cost, a volume of up to 30 kg. The maximum weight allowed per person is 32 kg. On some specific flights, these maximum weights may change.

AirLink Airlines

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