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Monthly deposits of R1,980: this is what the government wants to offer poor families in South Africa!

Care Dependency Grant, monthly and continuous deposit for you to offer the best to those who need it most


It is not news that children with severe disabilities need special and comprehensive care. However, the financial condition of many needy families does not allow all severely disabled children in the country to receive what they deserve: affection and care. South African government created the Care Dependency Grant. It is a continuous and monthly financial aid of R1,980.00 so that needy families can take better care of their children who are more dependent on attention.


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Below, learn about four characteristics that make this program a real revolution in the lives of needy families with children who need special care.

Ongoing monthly deposit of R1,980;
Parents, stepparents or legal guardians can request this help;
Every year, the value of this aid can be readjusted;
Refugees with fixed residence in South Africa can also apply for this assistance.

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After completing the application form, the documents and the medical report are taken to a specialized board of SASSA for evaluation. The result of the order takes up to 3 months to be ready. Once a resolution is issued, the applicant is automatically informed. If the request is denied, you are entitled to a written explanation of the reason for the refusal. If you do not agree with the result, you have up to 90 days to appeal the decision to the Minister of Social Development at the national headquarters of the Department of Social Development.

The entire application process is completely free. Therefore, you do not need to pay any amount to apply for this help. In addition, no employee or other person is authorized by the federal government to receive any amount in connection with the candidacy. If any state official requests any type of fee, report it to the proper authorities. After application, keep the component with you.

You can receive the amounts in up to three ways: in cash on the date and time set for withdrawal of the amount at federal agencies, via electronic deposit in your bank account (some banks may charge fees for offering this banking service. In this case, these must be paid by the beneficiary) or you can choose to receive your money through an institution that acts as the grant administrator (e.g. social organizations). You can still elect a legal guardian to receive the money through power of attorney.

Care Dependency Grant

Apply for the Care Dependency Grant: find out how

Apply for Care Dependency Grant, an indispensable financial aid for needy families with children with severe disabilities. R23,760 per year!

The federal government also supports patients with permanent or temporary disabling illnesses. Financial aid can reach R1,990 monthly. To learn more about the Disability Grant, read the following review.

Disability Grant

Apply for the Disability Grant: find out how

Apply for the Disability Grant and get access to a free continuous and indefinite pension of up to R1,990 until you can work again. Learn how!

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