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Financial assistance in case of occupational illness or injury

Compensation Fund, ensure up to 75% of your salary as a pension!


Since 1993, South African workers have had at their disposal an excellent and modern tool to help them in case of occupational illness. The Compensation Fund guarantees financial compensation and medical follow-up to employees who develop a work-related health problem. With this help, you can receive health care without having to shoulder new debt. In addition, you can receive a lifetime pension in case of serious illness!


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In four points, learn more about the benefits of COID!

It covers virtually any worker in case of injury or occupational illness;
Financial aid can be for life and up to 75% of salary;
Domestic workers can also benefit from this help;
The employee does not have to directly pay any fees to access this help.

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Foreign workers working in South Africa who are injured or contract a work-related illness are entitled to COID provided they meet certain requirements. These include: having a work permit or refugee status, being employed by an employer that contributes to COID, being legally working, providing medical evidence that the injury or illness is occupational.

Yes, individuals receiving other federal benefits may be eligible to receive compensation from the COID fund. Therefore, it is necessary that each person be eligible and gather all the necessary documentation to apply for assistance from COID. Furthermore, participation in a federal program may reduce the pension paid by COID. This is because the COID fund may take into account the other benefits the individual is receiving when calculating the amount of compensation to be paid.

The number of children an individual has does not directly influence the amount of compensation they can receive from the COID fund. The amount of compensation an individual can receive is based on several factors, including the severity of the injury or illness, the duration of the disability, and the individual’s income level prior to the injury or illness. In cases where an individual is the main breadwinner for his family, the COID fund may take into account the number of dependents.

Compensation Fund (COID)

Apply for the Compensation Fund (COID)

Find out how to apply for the Compensation Fund (COID) and rely on media and financial help! Ensure up to 75% of your salary if eligible.

The federal government is calling out all war veterans. All of them are entitled to receive a monthly pension of R2,040.00!

If you are a veteran, find out how to receive this money in the following post!

War Veteran's Grant

Apply for the War Veteran's Grant: find out how

Apply to War Veteran's Grant and automatically increase your annual income by at least R24,000! Understand how to apply for this federal aid!

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