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Earning cashback on all your purchases has never been easier!

With the Iemas Purchase Credit Card, you can enjoy rewards that rival even the best credit cards


The Iemas Purchase Credit Card offers more than a standard card for partner stores. This little plastic card allows you to receive cashback rewards of up to 3.5% at over 12,000 stores across the country. All this without worrying about interest rates for 45 days and without paying for service for SMS transaction alerts. But that’s not all: you can also request extra cards for your family members, and manage your card through the online Associations Portal from your mobile phone or computer.


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Four compelling reasons to consider the Iemas Purchase Credit Card.

Enjoy up to 3.5% cashback program at over 12,000 stores across the country;
Interest-free period for the first 45 days;
Earn more cashback by ordering additional family cards;
Ability to spread purchases over R300 into up to 60 installments.

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In effect, iMasRewards allows you to improve your cashback rate. To do so, you must complete “missions” that generate points. By accumulating a certain level of points, you can move to the next reward level and thus get better earnings. Below, see the total points you need to accumulate to progress through each reward level. When applying for your card, you are automatically on level 1 with 100 points. To advance to the 2nd level, accumulate 350, for the 3rd, 500, for the 4th and last, 600.

Indeed, you can carry out “behavior” missions or contract products from iMasFinance. Among the behavioral missions, we highlight: Engage and interact with the iMasRewards Portal (50 points), Update your personal data (20 points), have five or more years of active membership (50 points) and others. For each contracted product (vehicle financing, personal loan, purchase card and Maxi loan) you can earn from 100 to 150 points.

At all levels, cashback rates change for each store. At level 1, you will have the following percentages: 1% on purchases in PnP, Checkers and Hiper Presedent; 1.5% at the Woolworths store; 1.25% in Game and Markro; 2.25% in Pep and Ackermans; 1.25% at Clicks, Discherm and all other chain stores.

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Iemas Purchase Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Iemas Purchase Credit Card, a card that gives you 3.5% cashback, and regret not having applied for it sooner! Read on and learn how!

Indeed, those looking for credit cards to obtain rewards have many models at their disposal. One of the best of these is the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card.

With this one, you can get up to 30% cash back on purchases and up to R10 at gas stations. To learn more about this card, access the review below!

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Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Standard Bank Blue Credit Card and get a card with all the essential services with great upgrade possibilities. Find out how!

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