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The perfect solution for the financial management of your company's payments!

A debit card that allows you to accumulate up to R100,000 with no monthly fee!


Extremely safe and cheap.The MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card is simply an amazing card for anyone looking for an individual or business debit service. This card offers its customers prizes, discounts at retail stores, advantages in accommodation and travel, in addition to benefits, cashback and rewards. You can make purchases online or in physical stores, inside or outside the country, in any place that accepts Mastercard cards. Be entitled to withdrawals of up to R5,000 per day and accumulate up to R100,000.


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Understand why the MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card is known as one of the best debit cards available in the country!

Safe and cheap solution for individual or business financial management;
Travel benefits, cash back and rewards on purchases at partner companies;
Store up to R100,000 on this card without having to open a bank account;
Card accepted for purchases in national and international stores, online or physical.

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The M Money group is a group of companies that offers financial solutions for individuals and companies. These offer special benefits to credit card customers. Among the main advantages, we highlight benefits, rewards, discounts, cash back and concierge service. Currently, the companies that make up this group are: Forex World, M Bank, Cash Center, Emperor Finance, Send o Get, Pay Viza and M Cash.

In addition to debit cards, this financial group offers a range of financial and credit services. Among these, we highlight: car financing, financial solutions for companies, financing, car insurance, life insurance, home financing, individual or business bank accounts, online payment solutions, travel cards, currency exchange services and many others.

The MG family of cards is issued by the financial holding company M Money Group. This company has existed in South Africa for over 20 years. During all this time, it offered individual and business financial solutions from the most diverse sectors for small, medium and large companies. Furthermore, it is an international company, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Angola and Zambia.

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MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card and get access to a cheap debit card with many perks, travel benefits and much more!

3.5% cash back on all your purchases at over 12,000 stores nationwide. That’s the kind of advantage you’ll get if you have an Iemas Purchase Debit Card in your wallet.

To learn more about these and other advantages, see an exclusive review below!

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Iemas Purchase Debit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Iemas Purchase Debit Card and understand how simple it is to have up to 3.5% cashback in more than 12,000 stores.

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