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Count on continuous and free financial assistance of up to R2,000 to live your retirement

Old Age Pension, a long-term financial support for those who need help to make the most of one of the best phases of life


The Old Age Pension was created with the aim of ensuring quality of life and peace of mind for those who have retired and need financial help to better live this very special period in anyone’s life. Under this program, people over 60 can count on continuous financial assistance of up to R2,000 to spend as they wish. This pension accepts applications even from foreigners with fixed residence and even from refugees. That’s because everyone has the right to enjoy the best that seniors have to offer.


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Below, learn about four features that made the Old Age Pension an extremely successful program!

Indefinite financial aid of up to R2,000 per month;
You can receive monthly payments in cash or electronic bank transfer;
It accepts applications from African citizens, foreigners eradicated in South Africa and refugees;
Elderly people with mobility difficulties can designate a guardian to enroll in the program and receive payments.

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There are very specific conditions under which an elderly person approved to receive this pension may lose the right to receive it. To find out the reasons for suspension of payment, consult the following list: when you no longer meet the income or equity criteria, if you do not collaborate in the review of the situation, when fraud or irregularity in the information provided is proven, death, elderly person is hospitalized in State institution, senior citizen or authorized person does not require payment for three consecutive months and change of country.

After the request, you must wait for a period of up to three months to receive a definitive answer. If it is not approved, you will be informed by SASSA of what happened. In addition, you will have access to a justification of the result. If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development of the National Secretariat for Social Development. After receiving the result, you have up to 90 days to question it.

Regardless of whether your approval was granted through the normal process or through an appeal, you will receive your first payment the same month your application is accepted (this can be up to three months after application). You will receive the return values from the month you made your application.

Old Age Pension

Apply for the Old Age Pension: find out how

Apply to Old Age Pension and get access to a benefit that guarantees quality of life! Up to R2,000 monthly!

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