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Discounts of up to R600 every month on all your next purchases!

Poetry Store Card, discount and special offers on clothing, accessories, utensils, and much more!


Poetry Store customers and non-customers are learning about and requesting the Poetry Store Card. After all, this is one of the few store cards that offer benefits not just in one store, but in over 26,000 different branded stores across the country. Thus, it was very easy to have a card to make purchases safely and pay them in affordable monthly installments. Also, you can even use vouchers to get discounts of up to R600. This card can be used in all stores that join the RCS network.


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Four reasons to order your Poetry Store Card today!

Amazing rewards program, which offers R600 off purchases and exclusive offers;
Break your purchases down into affordable monthly payments;
Be the first to know about exclusive offers and news;
Customer protection insurance included permanent disability, temporary disability, loss of income, and fatalities.

You will remain in the same website

You can accumulate points that can be turned into vouchers just by shopping in the store! Every R20 earns you one point. For every 100 points accumulated, you will automatically receive a voucher that entitles you to an R100 discount. Your vouchers can be used for online purchases or in physical stores throughout the country. With each purchase, you can use up to 5 vouchers.

As of the date of publication of this website, only online or brick-and-mortar stores located in South Africa are eligible to participate in the Friends & Family rewards program. Accordingly, purchases made at poetry stores outside the country do not participate in the rewards program. However, the store informs on its website that it is looking for solutions to expand its loyalty program. So, soon, it is possible that stores outside the country will also participate in this program.

Unfortunately no, you cannot use one or more vouchers to pay the full amount of the purchase. The use value of the vouchers is limited to the purchase price. For example, you can only use an R100 voucher on purchases of at least R200. That way, you can only use 5 vouchers of R100 each in the same purchase if the total value of the purchase is at least R1,000. Also, you cannot use these coupons if your purchase is less than R200.

Poetry Store Card logo

Poetry Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Poetry Store Card and get discounts of up to R600 at Poetry Stores and 26,000 other branded stores! Read on and learn more!

When many of our readers discover the RCS Store Card, they ask, why didn’t I know about it before?

This credit product offers numerous advantages and discounts in virtually all stores in the country. See how to save on practically all your next purchases in the following post!

RCS Store Card

RCS Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the RCS Store Card and start building your credit today with discounts and cashback programs at over 30,000 stores!

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