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Meet the credit card that doubles all your savings

Sanlam Money Saver Card, the only card that offers up to 5% cashback on daily purchases and incentives to save you money


Sanlam Money Saver Card is a card with unique advantages that is very different from all other options offered in the country. With this credit product, you can commit to saving 2.5% of the amount spent on each purchase. To encourage you, the bank offers an additional 2.5% of the amount spent as reimbursement on qualifying purchases. Thus, you will be accumulating 5% of everything you spend without making any effort.

Read the main perks of using the Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card!

A rewards program that offers up to 5% cashback;
If you agree to save, you can accumulate up to 5% of the amount spent on each purchase in a kind of “savings”;
55 days with no interest rate;
Mastercard credit card, accepted anywhere in the world.

In fact, the rewards program currently has 12 national and international associated stores/brands. Each purchase at these establishments can generate a cashback of up to 5%. Below, get to know the brands: TotalEnergies (R1 per liter of fuel consumed), Dis-chem Pharmacies, Adidas, Tiger Wheel & Tire, Baby City, Forever 21, BabiesRus, Tires & more, Flicht Centre, NuMetro, ToysRus and Reebok.

In all, Sanlam offers four levels of membership program with monthly payment: Reality Health (R2550), Reality Plus (R255), Reality Core (R115) and Reality Club (R53). Each tier offers exclusive benefits ranging from up to 80% off gym memberships, up to 30% off airline tickets, up to 30 free movie tickets every month and free access to courses on the Ivy Online educational platform.

In fact, Sanlam is not exactly a bank. It is a financial services group that operates in South Africa and other countries on the African continent. The group started its activities in 1918 and is already present in more than twenty countries with more than 10 million customers. One of the main activities of this group is private equity management and, in this regard, Sanlam stands out in the domestic market. According to Businessday, Sanlam is the best company for those looking for professional wealth management that generates profit. Thus, we can say that this is a great bank to trust with your money.

Sanlam logo

Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card: check out how to apply!

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