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Credit card with simple requirements for those who want a service with a rewards program and the possibility to build credit

TymeBank Credit Card, take advantage of a rewards program that helps you save on everyday purchases!


The TymeBank credit card is the credit card of one of the most technologically advanced digital banks in South Africa today. By operating in the virtual world, this company manages to reduce costs. Thus, you can exempt your customers from most fees charged by traditional credit cards. The result is an inexpensive card with an account maintenance fee of R0 and application requirements that can be easily met. In addition, this card also offers 55 interest-free days, a rewards program to reduce your daily expenses, and many other perks. Also, this is a Visa card, accepted anywhere in the world.


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Here are the main advantages of having this card!

Rewards program that generates points that can finance purchases;
Possibility of building credit to have access to other cards and loans;
55 days interest free and reduced monthly fee;
It accepts candidates with a reasonable minimum monthly income.

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As a company operating virtually, TymeBank does not have to bear most of the costs of a traditional bank. Therefore, this company waives some fees and offers very cheap credit products. This way, TymeBank credit card customers don’t have to worry about: secondary card fee, first card replacement fee (lost/stolen), credit card purchases, card delivery fee and SMS notifications.

Smart Shopper is a rewards program offered through a partnership between TymeBank and Pic n Pay. Every purchase you make using your TymeBank credit card earns you Smart Shopper Points. If you pay through the Pic n Pay payment service, your rewards are multiplied by 4x. Accumulated points can be used to pay in full or in part for any purchases you make using this card.

In October 2022, the website specializing in mybroadband.co analysis compared three of the largest digital banks in South Africa under user experience rating and affordability score criteria. In this study, TymeBank was chosen as the best option among national digital banks with an overall rating of 9.15 when the maximum rating was 10 while the other banks did not achieve a rating of 7. Thus, we can say that this is the best bank country data available today.

TymeBank Credit Card

TymeBank Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for a credit card with reduced rates and a rewards program that will help you save on everyday purchases. Know more!

Cash back up to 30% and exclusive benefits. In fact, the FNB Aspire is a credit card that you may have heard of and need to know about.

Understand how to have this card at your disposal by accessing the post below!

FNB logo

FNB Aspire Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for the FNB Aspire Credit Card, a credit card that offers free life insurance, 55 days interest free, and many other benefits!

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