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Transform your daily purchases into a free flight with one of the most important airlines in the world

Absa British Airways Visa Card, get 55 days interest-free and a world-renowned rewards program


Absa British Airways Visa Card is the card that gives access to one of the rewards programs of British Airways, one of the most prestigious flight agencies in the world. Now South Africans can take advantage of this program to get free domestic and international airfare! In addition, you can count on discounts on stays and hotels and car rentals.

Here are the top benefits of applying for the Absa British Airways Visa Card!

Access to a rewards program that converts all your spending into points;
Exclusive access and lounges at airports around the world;
Discounts on hotel stays;
Earn up to 9,000 bonus points in the first three months of using this card (enough to get free air travel!).

British Airways' rewards program allows you to use your accumulated points to pay in full or in part for travel services (tickets, overnight stays and car hire). The amount of Avios used to fund your tickets varies according to the price of the flight at the time of purchase. However, in 2021, a flight to North America cost between 100 and 50,000 Avions; Europe, from 1 to 18,500; Africa, from 150 to 60,000 and the Far East, from 200 to 70,000.

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Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for the Absa British Airways Visa Credit Card, the card that can transform your common expenses into international and domestic airline tickets, hotel accommodation and much more!

The NedBank Gold Credit Card is a solid credit card option made by South Africans for South Africans. This card offers benefits like a great cash-back program.

To learn more about this option and how to apply for it, read our application post below!

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NedBank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the NedBank Gold Credit Card and get access to a credit card with a reward program that gives you 1.1% cashback on daily purchases and many other benefits!

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