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The government wants to help you financially to raise your children!

Child Support Grant (CSG), the program that has changed and will forever change the lives of many poor families in South Africa


The Child Support Grant (CSG) emerged with the noble mission of overcoming the sad legacy left by Apartheid by guaranteeing the minimum conditions for underprivileged children to grow and develop with access to food and other care. This program is an ongoing help offered to every family that has difficulty supporting their own children. Families accepted into CSG receive an ongoing monthly payment of R480 for each child in their care. In this way, families that previously could not feed their children can now offer much more than that.

Apply now for the hild Support Grant and ensure the assitance your children need! Understand four factors that make this program a revolution in the lives of those who need it most!

Monthly payments of R480 for each child in a family's care;
Assistance covers children from 0 to 18 years old without interruption;
Native citizens and those with permanent residence in the country can participate in this program;
It is possible to get this aid even without having a family bond with the child.

After completing the application form, you will receive a receipt with the data that proves that you have actually submitted to the process. After the request, the competent organizations have up to three months to respond. In case of refusal, you can file an appeal requesting the reassessment of the documents or your situation. If your application is accepted, you will be entitled to receive the amounts referring to the months that elapsed from the date of application to the month of acceptance.

The organizations that coordinate the CSG understand that, in some cases, due to the absence of parents and other guardians, a child may have to assume the position of head of the family. If this is the situation and the child is at least 16 years old, you can apply for CSG support as a guardian of siblings or other children in the family.

Indeed, there are some situations in which the child may lose the right to receive this assistance. This can happen in the event of death, if the parents do not request to receive the aid for 3 consecutive months, if the child leaves the country or turns eighteen. This can also happen if the family no longer meets the income criteria, does not carry out the revisions when requested, when fraud in the registration is proven or when the child is no longer under the care of the family that submitted the program.

Child Support Grant

Apply for the Child Support Grant: find out how

Apply for Child Support Grant and count on continuous financial support to care for your children as you want. Find out how here!

In addition to helping children through the Child Support Grant (CSG), the government helps families in difficult times.

We are talking about the Social Relief of Distress, the program designed to help families in difficulty until they recover. To learn how to request this help, see the following post!

Social Relief of Distress

Apply for the Social Relief of Distress: find out how

Apply to Social Relief of Distress and receive cash or food aid in time of need. Find out how to use this program here!

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