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Up to R40,000.00 without bureaucracy and without waiting!

FinChoice Personal Loan, fast and easy money from a virtual lender authorized by the National Credit Regulator!


There are those who give up taking out a loan just thinking about the barriers and bureaucracy created by traditional banks. But with this lender you won’t need to wait! Just go to the FinChoice Personal Loan website or app. This is a federally regulated 100% digital lender to offer loans up to R40,000. Simply fill out a request form and receive a response in less than two minutes anytime!

Understand how FinChoice is forever changing the way of applying for loans in our country!

Simplified application process: Completed completely online in less than two minutes;
14-Day Guarantee: You can get your money back if you regret the loan and you won't pay exorbitant fees;
Up to R40,000 payable over 3 years;
You can be approved for more than one loan at the same time.

FinChoice has grown in recent times and is already attracting the attention of customers from different locations inside and outside the country. In addition to personal loans and flexible loans, you can count on FinChoice MobiMoney™. This product consists of loans from R100 to R10,000 that are available immediately after your application is approved. Customers of this bank can also apply for Funeral Home Insurance of R100,000 for a monthly cost of just R49 valid for up to 19 people.

Yes, as long as you have good reason to do so. In case of disability or unemployment, you can activate the insurance to have the guarantee that the monthly installments of your loan will be honored even if you are temporarily unable to work. In recent years, the pandemic has led to the restructuring of many contractual realities. You will still need to pay the “skipped” month’s installment in the future, but you won’t incur any fines for doing so.

FinChoice is recognized by the National Credit Regulator and MicroFiance South African (MFSA), two national organizations that report to the national government and international organizations. Therefore, we can confirm that FinChoice is a serious and extremely safe company.

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FinChoice Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply to FinChoice Personal Loan and get a loan of R40,000 without having to leave your home! Keep reading to learn how!

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Hoopla Loans: find out how to apply!

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