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If you don't already have that credit card, you're in danger!

FNB Petro Card, the card that can be a relief when you most need support when traveling or commuting!


If you are looking for a credit card that can help you organize your finances and save with a lower interest rate, the FNB Petro Card is the perfect option. With this card, you’ll have a generous credit limit and access to FNB’s internet banking platform, making it easy to manage your account and view your transactions. In case of emergency, you can count on a service that includes gasoline, towing, free hotel stay and private security. Make travel much more peaceful with the FNB Petro Card.

In four points, understand why the FNB Petro Card is an indispensable service!

Travel across the country with confidence that you won't be alone should an emergency arise;
Better organize your finances with separate limits and interest rates;
Count on armed security guards if you need to stay on the shoulder until the tow truck arrives;
In an emergency, you are entitled to 10 liters of gasoline and 40 km of free towing.

In fact, this is a credit card designed for specific needs related to your automobile. That way, you can only use it when hiring repair services for your vehicle or filling up at any gas station anywhere in the country. If you try to use your card to pay bills for any other type of service, your credit will be immediately denied.

When requesting the services of this card, a trailer will travel to the location to collect your vehicle. Your car will be taken to the nearest AA Quality Assured body repair center or your approved workshop. Any type of repair fee or maintenance service is the responsibility of the cardholder.

FNB Petro card customers can request the armed security service as protection if they need to remain indefinitely at the accident site until the arrival of the tow truck or any other requested service. The presence of security guards aims to inhibit kidnappings and acts of vandalism. However, this service is only available for metropolitan areas. So, if your accident happens in a rural area, for example, most likely you will not be able to request this service.

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FNB Petro Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the FNB Petro Card and get 24/7 assistance in case of travel accidents or emergencies. Read on to learn more!

Indeed, not all that glitter is gold. Sometimes they are credit cards with excellent benefits and a program that offers up to 30% cashback!

Learn more about the Standard Bank Gold Card and understand why everyone is talking about this card.

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Standard Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the Standard Bank Gold Credit Card and benefit from automatic travel insurance and 55 days interest rate free payment!

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