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Count on a monthly aid of R1,070 per month to offer the best for your child

Foster Child Grant, the free and ongoing financial aid that the federal government offers to families with foster children


Needy families with adopted children can now count on free financial aid from the federal government to raise their children in the best way. With a simple registration, you have a pension of R1,070 paid monthly until your child turns 18. In special cases, this aid may be granted for an even longer period.

Four features of the Foster Child Grant that transform the lives of many families and children!

Ongoing monthly payments available until the child turns 18 or 21;
Refugees and foreign nationals with permanent residence here can apply for this assistance;
The pension will be granted according to the income earned by the child and not by the family that will take him in;
It is possible to appeal within 90 days if the granting of this pension is denied.

In general, this support will stop being paid when the child turns 18 or stops attending school, if the parent or child dies, if the parent loses custody of the child, if the child begins to earn income above the qualifying amount for this program, change country if there is no cooperation with the reviews or fraud is identified in the application process.

If you have all the requested documents, completing the form for submission to this program should take an average of up to 2 hours. It is always recommended to call a SASSA office first to confirm you have all required documents. You will start receiving payments within 3 months of enrolling. Payments will be made retroactively from the date you requested this assistance.

When evaluating a child’s application for this project, the income of their adoptive parents will not be considered. In fact, the child’s income will be factored into the calculation of child support and other financial aid the child may receive. To be eligible for this program, the child’s total monthly income must be less than twice the monthly amount paid under the Foster Child Grant. Currently, the value of this aid is R1,070. Thus, a child must have an income of up to R2,140 to be considered eligible.

Foster Child Grant

Apply for the Foster Child Grant: find out how

Apply for Foster Child Grant and increase your monthly income by R1,070. Find out how to tell your children about this government help!

Many families can count on the federal government’s help in raising their children. Through the Child Support Grant, the federal government distributes pensions to families of needy children.

The larger the family, the larger the payments. To learn how to count on this help, access the following post!

Child Support Grant

Apply for the Child Support Grant: find out how

Apply for Child Support Grant and count on continuous financial support to care for your children as you want. Find out how here!

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