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Receive up to R14,400 cashback at the end of your loan repayment period!

Nedbank Personal Loan, earn R200 every month by paying your personal loan up to R300,000 on time!


Nedbank is a centenary bank, very prestigious for the high level of satisfaction of customers who hire the services that this company offers. It an extremely high loan limit (up to R300,000.00) and a lot of payment flexibility (payment terms of up to 6 years). Nedbank Personal Loan is the only loan service that offers cashback to its customers after every monthly payment made. It’s R200 every month! So don’t wait any longer to get the money you need!

Check 4 points to understand why Nedbank is named by many experts as the best loan bank in South Africa!

R200 monthly refund after each monthly fee paid;
No late fee or early payment penalty;
Loans of up to R300,000 and repayment terms of up to 6 years;
No surprises during the repayment period: no "surprise" or "hidden" fees.

The cashback promotion is a feature available only to customers who have active Savvy accounts and make payments for the repayment period through it. Only vehicle finance or personal loan applications are eligible for this promotion. In addition, you need to receive a minimum wage of R5,000 in your Savvy account, use the “Money” application at least once a month and activate your promotion within 60 days of loan approval.

Nedbank bank established partnerships with several companies in the national market. In this way, customers who have Nedbank loans can count on discounts and special offers when contracting services at partner companies. Below, check out the list of these companies: Spot Money, AVO by Nedbank, FixMyRide, takealot.com, Build it and British International College.

Mandatorily, all Nedbank loan customers must present an insurance contract. If you still don’t have this service, you can count on the option offered by this bank. The insurance amount is paid monthly along with the reimbursement installments and varies according to the requested loan amount.

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Nedbank Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply to Nedbank Personal Loan and get access to up to R300,000 and receive a cashback R200 cashback per month! Keep reading to learn how!

ABSA Personal Credit combines the lowest interest rates on the market with the longest repayment period. All this in the same personal loan service! Learn how to count on these and other advantages in the following post.

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Absa Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply for ABSA Personal Loan and enjoy the best interest rate on the market and the longest repayment period. Find out how here!

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