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Receive up to 3% cashback on all your purchases and access to exclusive promotions and offers

Woolworths Black Card, cashback on all your purchases


The Woolworths Black Card was a card designed to provide benefits to Woolworths store customers. However, the card adds so many advantages that it has also become a success among non-customers. One of the main reasons for all this success is the cashback in the form of vouchers of up to 3% for all your purchases. In addition, you still have the possibility to access exclusive benefits and discounts available only to those who have this card. You’ll never have to worry about the cost of shipping online purchases again: they’ll be free.

Here are the main advantages of having Woolworths Black Card!

Rewards program (WRewards) that offers up to 3% cashback on all your purchases;
Exclusive offers and discounts;
Welcome bonus of R500;
Totally free delivery fee for online purchases.

In effect, all your Woolworths Black Card purchases generate vouchers. With every purchase at Woolworths stores, you earn 3% of the amount paid in vouchers. Purchases in other stores generate vouchers of 1% of the amount spent. These accumulated vouchers can be used to pay for future purchases at Woolworths stores online or in physical stores. Your vouchers will be available to you each quarter and you will be notified that you have received them via email, SMS or app.

Deposits can be made free of charge at Abs ATMs. If you want to use over-the-counter ATMs, you must pay a flat fee of R5 per transaction and R1.5 for every R100 deposited. All withdrawals from any type of ATM incur fees. Electronic withdrawals at the Absa ATM cost R25 per transaction, regardless of the amount withdrawn. Withdrawals from ATMs at other branches will cost a flat fee of R25 and R1.30 for every R100 withdrawn. The maximum cashout is R500.

Yes, this card will be accepted at any national or international store or establishment that accepts Visa cards. So, you can use it to fuel your car, for example. If you use this card in other stores, you will receive vouchers worth 1% of the value of your purchase. However, vouchers generated in the WRewards rewards program cannot be used at other stores. You will also not receive discounts or special offers for using this card at other establishments.

Woolworths logo

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