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Up to 30% off airfare, hotel accommodation, car rental and shopping at select stores!

Standard Bank Gold Card, a card for those who want to save on travel and accumulate points in the Ucount rewards program!


Advantages for those who want to travel and see the world, discounts and cashback on domestic and online purchases. Indeed, the Standard Bank Gold Card combines these advantages in a single product. With this card you can travel the world on Emirates flights with discounts of up to 15%. In addition, you will have advantages in accommodation and car rental. These are just some of the many benefits this MasterCard card offers!

Understand why this is one of the best gold credit cards in the country!

Credit limit up to R250,000;
Discounts of up to 20% on the purchase of airline tickets worldwide destinations;
5% cashback on accommodation and up to 10% off car rental;
Automatic access to basic travel insurance.

By the way, this is an extremely advantageous resource for those who want to save on purchases that they want to pay in fixed installments for more than one month. This plan gives you the option to pay off a specific purchase within 6 months at a 0% interest rate. Just activate this purchase mode and make all payments within the defined period.

Standard Bank offers its customers the option to order extra cards for authorized customers. This way, your friends and relatives won’t need to open a new account or go through a new selection process to get a card. To use this service, the bank charges a fixed monthly fee of R25 for each secondary card requested. So if you want to order four secondary cards, one for each family member for example, your monthly maintenance fee will increase by R100.

Indeed, the Standard Bank Gold Card is a card that is widely used in international travel mainly because of the advantages it offers. If you have this card outside the country and decide to make a cash withdrawal, you will have to pay a fee of R3 for every R100 withdrawn. In addition, there is an additional fee of 2.75% on the total amount requested. So an international withdrawal of R1,000 will incur a fee of R57.5, for example.

Ucount is a reward program available for most credit cards offered by Standard Bank. Through this program, you can receive cashback on selected purchases and access exclusive discounts of up to 30%. Customers who choose to participate in this program must pay a fixed monthly fee of R25.

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Standard Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the Standard Bank Gold Credit Card and benefit from automatic travel insurance and 55 days interest rate free payment!

In addition to excellent advantages, the Absa Gold Card offers cashback on all. In some stores, you can get up to 30% of your money back! Learn more about this amazing card in the post below.

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Absa Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Absa Gold Credit Card and enjoy a reward program and travel benefits. Up to 30% cashback. Keep reading to learn more.

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